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Stair Calculator program, free stair step and bowstrings calculation.

The ladder step calculation program will give you data not only on the number of steps required but also on the length of the stair stringer, stair inclination angle, step height, step depth, and step step height. Steps calculator can recommend you to reduce or increase the number of steps. And also the online stair calculator will give you a summary of “comfortable” or “not comfortable” stairs by the parameters you specify.

On the convenience of the staircase at once affects several parameters, such as the angle of inclination of the staircase, step height, depth of steps of the staircase in some cases even the width of the staircase. Ideal step size is a guarantee of safety. The depth of the steps (tread of a step) should be about 28-30 cm (under the size of an adult’s foot) and the height of 15-18 cm. It is desirable to make the number of steps is not even, that the rise and fall to start and finish with one and the same foot. Having stepped on the ladder with the right foot you right foot could ascend the ladder platform and vice versa, so it is really more convenient.

The height of the staircase railing should lie above the center of gravity of an adult, with an average growth, the optimum height of the railing is 90 – 120 cm. The optimum angle of inclination for a straight wooden staircase in the range of 30 – 36 degrees. If the angle of inclination of the ladder less than 20 degrees, the ladder passes into the category of ramps, if more than 45 degrees in the category of terrain, folding, where the descent is carried out only by back forward, such steps can not be called convenient, and the more so not designed for daily use.

A simple online calculator will calculate the exact amount of building materials required for a wooden staircase. Start your calculation now!

In addition to all calculations on construction materials the program will draw a drawing of your wooden staircase. Keep in mind that the smaller the angle of inclination of the staircase, the more building materials will be needed. It is necessary to determine the parameters of the stairs at the stage of designing a country house and allocate enough space for the construction of a straight staircase.

On the network there are many online calculators to facilitate the task of calculating the stairs and solve all problems quickly.

The basis of programs for online calculators are the requirements for staircase structures and standards, regulated by GOST. An example of one of the good calculators –

It works simply, just enter data such as height, aperture length, number, thickness of steps, the height of their edge, the maximum width of the stringer, as well as the direction of ascent and orientation of the first step relative to the floor 2 floors to get:
– a drawing of the staircase;
– the length of the upper stringer;
– the angle of inclination of the structure;
– the size of the step between the notches under the steps on the stringer;
– the height and depth of steps;
– step height; step depth; step under-tread height;
– recommendations for changes in parameters to improve the comfort of the staircase.

Another free online calculator With its help you can calculate the most acceptable design, to obtain recommendations for improving its ergonomics.

To do this you only need to choose a type of staircase, enter the required dimensions and data on the steps, all the rest the calculator will perform itself.