Free Drawing in AutoCAD: AutoCAD Title Blocks Templates CAD Blocks fo format DWG.

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Any new AutoCAD file is created from a template.
Templates for AutoCAD allow you to save you from unnecessary work on preliminary configuration of drawing styles.
There is nothing difficult in this, so I recommend using this opportunity to increase the efficiency of work in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD templates differ from DWG drawing in their DWT extension.
Any template file can be opened, saved, copied and edited like any standard file.
AutoCAD Title Blocks Templates for architects free download.As a rule, only the standard acadiso.dwt template is used in which only the metric system is configured.

With a template, you standardize your work by creating a specific set of layers and linetypes, text and dimension styles, blocks, set up paper space, plot styles, format frames, and more. which will be loaded when creating a new drawing.
Now, when creating a new drawing, you just need to select the template you saved, and most of the routine work will already be done.
If you need to add new settings to the template, just make changes and save it with the same name.