Free Drawing in AutoCAD: 3D Sports CAD Blocks fo format DWG.

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High-quality AutoCAD drawings of 3D Sports games in high detail.
In this section of 3D Sports we have a huge selection of drawings in DWG format for free download.
Here you will find CAD drawings of a medball, a ball, a gymnastic wheel, weights, dumbbells, a jump rope, a Pilates ring, a barbell,
an expander, hockey sticks, a horizontal bar, a parallel bar and many other equipment for sports.
Sport. Just one word, and how much it means!
Going in for sports is a certain type of human activity aimed at achieving a given result in a person’s physical development.
Sports goods are an integral part of physical culture, in which the main emphasis is on the very physical development of a person, strengthening his health and well-being.
We treat all your feedback with great attention and sincerely hope that with our CAD drawings you will be able to create the necessary projects.