10 Sites where you can Download Free 3D model.

TOP 10 best sites to download free 3D models. When it comes to animating the scenes in architectural renderings, there are often two schools: those who create their own 3D objects and those who download them.

Except in special cases, I belong to this second category. If like me you are not particularly good at modeling or just want to save time, this article is for you!

I have compiled for you a list of 10 sites where you can download 3D objects for your projects, whether it is Architecture or others.

Let’s go !

1. Archive3D, the 3D object library for Architecture

Archive3D (https://archive3d.net/) is one of the largest 3D object libraries on the net and you know what? Its catalog is entirely specialized for architectural renderings!

Whatever type of object you are looking for, it is very likely that you will find what you are looking for on Archive3D, as long as they are related to architecture.

Site 3D Cad Blocks

Whether you are looking for furniture, industrial equipment or structural elements, Archive3D is the site for you!

These objects are compatible with most general 3D software, namely 3ds Max, Cinema 4D or even Blender, with sometimes minor minor adjustments to be made. The download sheet for each model shows the format of the object (generally .3ds and .gsm) allowing you to quickly find out with which software the object is easily importable.

Would Archive3D then be the perfect site? Yes almost, if only there was not a limit on the number of downloads possible per day.

 2. RenderPeople, for 3D characters

RenderPeople  (https://renderpeople.com ) is an excellent site offering highly qualitative 3D character models, arguably the best that can be found on the web.

The models are more real than life and some are even animated.

3D Models download


“We are convinced that 3D characters considerably enhance the freshness and realism of 3D visualizations, whether architectural visualizations, games, virtual reality, augmented reality or any other application.

Human interaction is an integral part of life, which is why it is essential to use human avatars, i.e. 3D characters, when creating digital environments to make the experience immersive, authentic and more real than life. We are constantly striving to improve the usability and realism of our 3D characters. This is our mission, our passion. “



Most of their models are chargeable, but they also have a catalog with free models that you will need to add to your library urgently.

3. Artlantis3D, for Artlantis users

Latest Objects 3D models download

Artlantis is a very popular rendering software, especially among Archicad users. Artlantis is also on my list of the best architectural rendering software  today.

The library provided with the basic software being quite limited, we quickly feel the need to enrich the catalog.

Artlantis3D (https://www.artlantis3d.com) meets this need. The catalog is rich ranging from furniture to vegetation. Shaders are also available for download. An essential site for Artlantis lovers.

4. Free3D and its well-supplied architecture catalog

As its name suggests, Free3D ( https://free3d.com ) is a site for downloading general 3D models. If unlike Archive3D, there are 3D objects of all kinds, the library of free Architecture-oriented models is nonetheless provided. On Free3D, even if there are some individual objects available for download such as furniture for example, it is mostly entire scenes or entire buildings that you will find.

Very intuitive, the Architecture section is subdivided into 10 categories, namely: House, Building, Medieval, Fantasy, City, Room, Old, Tower, Bridge and Town.

Free 3F Models Download

If it is not as complete as the first in this list, Free3D contains within it pearls of 3D objects which are well worth the detour.

As with Archive3D, you will find information on the available formats on the download form, the most common formats being .3ds, .max and .c4d.

Ps: The first download of the day is free but the following will require registration (free).

5. Polantis, The brand 3D objects download site

The particularity of Polantis ( https://www.polantis.com ) is to offer free download of 3D objects that can be obtained in real life instead of offering generic models.

This is very interesting because it makes it possible to narrow the gap between 3D and the final project, especially for interior projects.

The models of objects sold by large and small brands are included: IKEA, ADLER, LAFARGE, 3M etc.

The objects are offered in an amazing number of formats, which is quite normal, the brands put the package for their objects can be used in as many softs as possible and therefore purchased in real life.

This IKEA rocking chair is for example available in 21 different formats.

To go further:   +100 2D and 3D tree models to download for free

BIM objects 3D Download

 6. BIM-Object, The Intelligent Object Library


BIM-Object ( https://www.bimobject.com )  is similar to Polantis in that it offers downloadable objects that can actually be purchased. But where the difference is widening, is that as its name suggests, BIM-Object offers objects stamped BIM.

The definition of BIM is quite complex but to put it simply, a BIM object is not just a simple 3D object made up of polygons, it is also a real mine of information which can contain data on the material used on the object, its price, the name of its manufacturer, its date of manufacture etc. It is a real intelligent object.

Download 3D BIMobject

The objects can be used in most software that supports BIM technology, namely Archicad, Revit and Solidworks. For those who want to go further, I wrote an analysis on these three software.

7. Turbosquid, platform for buying and selling 3D models

Turbosquid ( https://www.turbosquid.com ) is one of the most popular and qualitative 3D models buying / selling sites in the world.

Turbosquid is a library made up of thousands of very good quality objects. Part of the catalog is made up of objects offered for purchase, but a good large part is available for free download.

The objects offered on this platform are for the most part of very good quality.

Download 3D Models for Professionals free

Use the search bar to find your object models using the various keywords.

For the question of the format of the objects, know that it is possible to apply a filter to display only the formats of your choice between the 14 proposed. Finally, as for other sites of this kind, the formats available for each of the objects are displayed in the download form.

8. Artist-3D, generalist 3D object download site

In the same range as Free3D, Artist-3D ( http://artist-3d.com ) is a generalist 3D model download site with an architecture section.

Artist-3D free 3DS Max models

You will find there a lot of complex 3D objects library which can go up to whole buildings, which can be interesting to animate the backgrounds in your architectural renderings.

9. 3D Warehouse, a gold mine for Sketchup users

Sketchup is a software that has conquered many people by its simplicity, its multitude of plugins and of course its free.

( https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com ) 3D Warehouse is the official site for downloading models for Sketchup.

3D WareHouse Sketchup 3D

The models are ultra varied and like Polantis and BIM-Object, some objects offered are objects from real manufacturers.

A site to bookmark for all Trimble Sketchup enthusiasts.

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 10. CGTrader

CGTrader ( https://www.cgtrader.com )  is one of Turbosquid’s main competitors. Same principle, on CGTrader you will find thousands of models sold by 3D artists from around the world.

3D models popular file formats

Some offer their models for free, often of very good quality, for free.

Take advantage!

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