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Types of bicycles: classification of bicycles and their features
Despite the diversity of the world of bicycles, all of them can be classified into several types: mountain, city, road, bmx, teenage and children’s.

I. Mountain bikes (other names are high-speed, mountain bike, MTB, mountain bikes).

II. City bikes (other name city bikes). A rich variety of bicycles. Here are the classic city bikes (with wings and trunk), and models that combine speed and comfort, and folding, cruisers, etc.

III. Road bikes (also known as road bikes). A highly specialized type of bike, strongly tied to fitness, sports and long journeys. These are classic road racing, and cyclo-cross, and triathlon. This type also includes popular hybrid and touring bikes.

IV. BMX bicycles (other name BMX). These are small bicycles without shock absorbers, which are used for stunt riding or racing.

V. Teenage and children’s bicycles (other name teen, child, kid bikes). The world of children’s bicycles is also very diverse. The main gradation of their age and height of children – from the smallest bicycles with 12 “wheels to teenagers with 24” inches.